Born in Madrid, Spain. The actress Carmen Santamaría started acting at a very young age, working in both amateur and professional theatre and also appearing in various tv shows. Trained in drama with a BA honours degree in performing arts from the university of kent (Canterbury) in 2002, she has worked under the directions of Vicente León on several plays such as “A doll's house” by Ibsen and “The seven seal” by Woody Allen, and also with Luis D´ors in “The playboy of the western world” and Carlos Marchena in “ Danzad, danzad malditos” (“They shoot horses, don't they?”). Appearing in the Calderon theatre (Madrid) and touring extensively through Spain with Luís Álvarez's production of “101 dalmatians”, opened the doors for Carmen to the world of children's musical theatre. Carmen has been seen performing in “Merlin el encantador” (“Merlin the magician”), “Oniria”, “Garfiel”, “¿Dónde está el Lobo Feroz? (“Where is the Big Bad Wolf?), "Sueño de una noche de verano" ("A Midsummer Night's Dream")...

She has worked on series like "Cuestión de sexo" O "Los Simuladores" issued by Cuatro, and programs such as "Tal Cual" for Antena 3, as well as various commercials.

She continues on the stages doing theater with Quenval Artística S.L. with a children's musical called "La Fea Durmiente" ("The Sleeping Ugly") and "Blancanieves 4.0" (“Snow white 4.0”).

Since 2013, Carmen Santamaría is part of the regular actors team with the comedian José Mota, taking part of his TVshow "La hora de José Mota" during 2013 - 2014, broadcasted on channel Tele5; Lately she has been acting in humor sketckes at "José Mota presenta", which is still being showed on channel TVE1.